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Hardly warm which was a disappointment after an hr wait. Would prefer unbattered wings as well

Leanne, 08 May 2021


Tezz, 01 May 2021


Gareth, 01 May 2021

Gareth, 01 May 2021

Gareth, 01 May 2021

Very good thank you

Lauren Rogers, 01 May 2021

My son always enjoys your food

Joanna, 01 May 2021

Ordered food at 9pm.23.18 still not arrived.phoned earlier said 15 mins. Still no food. Never ordering from here again!!!

Glen Shirley, 30 Apr 2021

Ordered @ 9pm tonight.still not arrived!!!

Glen Shirley, 30 Apr 2021

Ordered at 8:40, making this review at 10:15 and the foot still hasn’t arrived

Ben, 30 Apr 2021

Bad timing for delivery

Mick, 30 Apr 2021

Took nearly 2 hours to arrive. Had to phone twice to be told the first time it had left with the driver. Another 30mins later call again(took 10mins to even get through) spoke to someone else who asked was i sure I ordered from here, did I speak to someone from that store earlier and then oh your orders on the counter ready to go will be 5 mins. Another 17mins and finally arrives. Food was just about warm. Pizza was cold had warm up ourselves. Would have sent back if it wasn't for the fact I had 2 hungry children waiting for their tea. Wont be using again!!! Were busy is no excuse!

David, 30 Apr 2021

I ordered for delivery at 8-20 and the food is still not here I want this refunding it’s not on waiting nearly an hour over. We rang at 8.45 and they said 10 minutes and it’s now been another 30 minutes !!!!!!!!

Sarah , 30 Apr 2021

Good people

Rambo, 30 Apr 2021

I ordered my food bro be delivered at 8.20 and still haven’t received it, I would t be ordering again for you

Sarah , 30 Apr 2021

very nice pizza's.

Daouda, 29 Apr 2021

first time ordered. Very nice pizzas

Daouda, 29 Apr 2021

Always delicious but 1 hour is a very long delivery time

Laura, 24 Apr 2021

Brilliant pizza. Really very special.

Tristan, 23 Apr 2021

very slow still not here

Ted, 23 Apr 2021

I have ordered this via the internet because there was an additional £3 delivery fee on the app which I have never paid before... is this an error on the app as I’ve never used it before but it otherwise looks great!

Shaun, 15 Apr 2021

I have never ordered form here before but is was delicious.

Beth, 14 Apr 2021

I have never orders from abbies before but the food was delicious

Beth, 14 Apr 2021

always v/good

Simon, 10 Apr 2021


Alex, 10 Apr 2021

I keep coming back.. they are that good

Mabasa, 10 Apr 2021